DOCLINE Coordination Committee

The DOCLINE Coordination Committee (DCC) provides overall resource sharing strategies and solutions for the NNLM and serves as a central feedback mechanism for NLM on the DOCLINE user experience. The DCC is a committee of the NNLM Steering Committee (NNSC).


The DCC:

  1. Develops 3-5 goals annually for NNLM Resource Sharing Program and maintains documentation of any standards or guidelines for NNLM members;
  2. NNLM Resource Sharing Program goals should be in the SMART format; and regularly reported on to the NNSC;
  3. Supports national and regional resource-sharing networks, including identifying potential new DOCLINE members;
  4. Provides feedback and input to the NLM DOCLINE team based on user experience;
  5. Coordinates with NPHCO on providing services and information to health professionals;
  6. Plans and develops solutions for providing services to unaffiliated health professionals;
  7. Coordinates with NTO on resource sharing training and webinars, including the DOCLINE system; and
  8. Evaluate the effectiveness of the NNLM Resource Sharing Program.


Read a recent article from the Director of the National Library of Medicine's blog to learn more: DOCLINE: Connecting Medical Libraries for 35 Years

What is DOCLINE?

DOCLINE is the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request routing system. It was developed to increase the speed and efficiency of biomedical ILL by linking the journal holdings of participant libraries and by routing the requests based on these holdings quickly throughout the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) and beyond.

DOCLINE provides efficient lending and borrowing by finding potential lenders for ILL requests via the Routing Algorithm, which matches requests to lenders, based on their reported journal holdings. The Routing Algorithm is what makes DOCLINE ILL prompt and accurate.

Requests can be created, routed, received, and updated in this system. Requested materials cannot be transmitted through the website. DOCLINE participants can check the status of requests for which they are either the borrowing or lending library. This manual assists the user through the steps needed to accomplish Lending, Borrowing, and other user tasks.

The system is intended for reciprocal ILL among biomedical libraries in the United States and Canada. It supports resource sharing among participating libraries by enabling them to borrow from and lend to one another; it is not an article purchasing mechanism.

DOCLINE is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some DOCLINE activities are suspended on U.S. national holidays. Scheduled maintenance is announced to subscribers of the DOCLINE GovDelivery email discussion list.

The dates and times used by the DOCLINE System are based on Eastern Time.

There is no charge for participation in DOCLINE for NNLM members. Interlibrary loan transaction charges vary by lender.

Who Can Use DOCLINE?

Libraries with a health sciences or biomedical literature collection and mission may participate in DOCLINE. Libraries willing to fulfill lending requests from other DOCLINE libraries from a minimum of 10 journals. Currently libraries located outside of the U.S. and Canada, and commercial document delivery vendors are not eligible for DOCLINE membership.

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