Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

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Spring 2021 #CiteNLM Edit-a-thon
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Spring 2021 #CiteNLM Edit-a-thon

The spring #CiteNLM campaign period will run from March 1-31, 2021. This edit-a-thon will focus on improving articles related to Healthy Aging.

Our all day virtual #citeNLM Edit-a-thon takes place on Wednesday, March 31. Join your colleagues and NNLM staff for a live editing session from 1-3 PM ET to chat about Wikipedia, edit articles, and connect with the #CiteNLM community. No prior experience required! 

How to Participate

Step 1: Create a free account on Wikipedia

Step 2: Register on our campaign dashboard

Step 3: Find an article that needs a citation. Here are some strategies:

  • Choose one of the pre-selected articles on the program dashboard
  • Find an article with sourcing or other problems
  • Select an article while browsing pages related to the campaign theme

Step 4: Cite a source

  • Find a source from NLM or other reliable website to support the article
  • Add a citation using Wikipedia Style (learn more about adding citations from 1Lib1Ref)
  • Add the project hashtag #CiteNLM in the Wikipedia Edit Summary

Step 5: Share!

  • Include the hashtag #CiteNLM in your tweets about the event and follow the hashtag to interact with fellow Wikipedians
  • Drop a pin of your location on our participant map