A NNLM National Initiative is an activity approved by the National Network Steering Committee (NNSC) in which a majority of ROCs (RMLs/Offices/Centers) participates.

A NLM/NIH priority for NNLM represents issues, topics, and activities that are important at NLM and NIH, and that NLM’s Office of Engagement and Training (OET) identifies as a priority for the NNLM program.

Active National Initiatives

All of Us

The NNLM All of Us initiative is a partnership between NNLM and the NIH All of Us Research Program with two main objectives. The first is to facilitate All of Us community engagement through public libraries and other NNLM members. The second objective is to provide training for All of Us program staff and participants. Community engagement activities support and develop the NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Network (CEN). The NNLM All of Us Training and Education Center (TEC) develops training activities and educational content to support community engagement for All of Us.

Public Libraries

The Public Libraries Initiative aims to develop long-term partnerships and collaborations that bring NLM’s information resources to communities across the U.S. The goal of this national initiative is to promote health information literacy by equipping library staff with effective skills and high-quality resources to meet the needs of their patrons.

NLM and NIH Priority Areas for NNLM

Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing:  Through the Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing initiative, NNLM engages communities in addressing societal needs and accelerating biomedical science, technology, and innovation.

Data Science: NNLM supports the goals of the NLM Strategic Plan 2017-2027: A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health. Activities are guided through OET’s priority areas as outlined in the document Opportunities for Building Capacity in the Library and Information Science Community to Support Data-Driven Research and Health. A key resource to address this priority is the NCDS Guides & Resources maintained by the NNLM National Center for Data Services.

Student Engagement: Through the Student Engagement initiative, NNLM champions health sciences librarianship by developing partnerships with Library and Information Science (LIS) and other graduate programs, and by collaborating with undergraduate programs, professional associations, and other organizations to work toward increasing diversity in the LIS pipeline.

Substance Use Disorders: The NNLM Substance Use Disorders (SUD) initiative aims to raise the awareness of NLM and partner organization's SUD resources, provide educational opportunities for network members and develop strategies to meet national and regional information needs. 

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