Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science (CCS) is an NLM and NIH priority area for NNLM. Through citizen science and crowdsourcing, NNLM can engage communities in addressing societal needs and accelerating biomedical science, technology, and innovation. Collaborations between communities and researchers build capacity to address problems and meet research goals. Community participation in the research process also builds trust between NNLM and the communities that we serve.

Engaging network members through CCS supports NLM’s FY2020 Congressional Justification, which states that NLM is "committed to encouraging citizen science as a way to provide opportunities for members of the community to work with NLM to improve and apply NLM products and services in novel ways" by creating a link between NLM researchers and the community.

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Join NNLM staff members and Wikipedians virtually during our twice yearly one-day edit-a-thons or host an event at your institution.
Classes & Training
Browse our upcoming training opportunities related to citizen science, including how you can participate in a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, and learn more about developing and offering programs at your institution.
Funding Opportunities
Interested in hosting your own Citizen Science programs? Browse our open funding opportunities to learn about NNLM awards that might support your project!
Citizen Science Month
Celebrate amazing discoveries, incredible volunteers, hardworking practitioners, inspiring projects, and anything else citizen science-related with SciStarter, NNLM's Citizen Science Month partner.

Citizen Science Topics

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